Home Care

The Biggar Housing Authority is a division of Saskatchewan Housing, maintains facilities including low rental housing and apartments (mostly for seniors).

The Town of Biggar also has Senior Housing.  The Biggar Housing Authority includes three places for senior housing. The Meadowlark, Westview and Norwest Apartments.  The office is located at 412 - 5th Avenue West.  For more information please call 306-948-2101.

There are two personal care homes in Biggar:

The Sunshine Family Care Home is located at 404 - 4th Avenue East owned by Shannon de Vries has 13 residents and multiple workers.  For more information please contact Shannon at 306-948-3644.   

The Almost Home Care Home is located at 114 - 4th Avenue West and is owned by Karen George.  It has 10 rooms. For more information, please call Karen George or Sandra Grobell at 306-948-3615, 951-8500 or 951-8300.  

Bridge Road Developments Ltd. is recently in the process of building the Central Park Place Apartments which is a senior housing complex.  It has suites available for purchase.  It offers safe and secure, maintenance free active adult living.  It is located at 333 - 2nd Avenue East.  For more information please contact Emil Itterman, CPP President at 306-948-5626 or 306-948-3901.