School Divisions
Two school divisions have schools in Biggar. Sun West School Division operates Biggar Central 2000, a kindergartedn to grade 12 school. St. Paul's RCCSD operates St. Gabriel's, a kindergarten to grade 9 school.

Biggar Central School 2000
BCS 2000
Our public school is Biggar Central School 2000. This facility officially opened on April 14, 2000. It combines grades K-12 into one building, part of which is the old Woodrow Lloyd School. The new school features a Wellness Centre developed by the Greenhead Health District Board (now Heartland Regional Health Board). An addition to the building includes the Prairie West Regional College.

St. Gabriel Roman Catholic School
St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic School
The St. Gabriel Roman Catholic School, also located in the town, offers kindergarten through grade 9.

Post-Secondary School
Prairie West Regional College
Great Plains College offers a variety of classes in adult education ranging from university and institute credit classes to agriculture, basic education upgrading, GED, job orientation, and career counseling. The college moved into their own wing in the Biggar Central School 2000 in August 2000.