Town Hall

  1. Administration

    Learn about the administration of Biggar.

  2. Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Control

    Contact local enforcement services.

  3. Cemetery

    Locate the local cemetery.

  4. Emergency & Protective Services

    Discover the local Fire Department and Police Department.

  5. Employment

    Apply for current or upcoming employment opportunities.

  6. Planning & Development

    Obtain permits or check out the city's development efforts.

  7. Property Taxes

    To find out how and when to pay taxes, how they are figured out and what the levy is.

  8. Public Works

  9. Real Estate

  10. Recreation & Community Services

    Participate in community recreational activities.

  11. Town Council

    View information on your Town Council.

  12. Transportation

    Obtain public transportation.

  13. Water & Sewer

    Obtain water and sewer utility services.