Who is involved in this project?

Biggar's Mayor and Council are responsible for final decisions on this project. The project will be managed and executed by Town administration. 

Digital town halls, open houses presenting the master concept, stakeholder ground, and a volunteer fundraising campaign have all been undertaken to ensure community engagement. The residents of Biggar and the surrounding areas have participated in these activities in high numbers allowing Town Council to move forwards confidently knowing that the community is on board with the plans.

A volunteer fundraising team has been complied that serves to represent the many stakeholder groups within the community including business, agriculture and more.

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1. Why is the Town embarking on this project?
2. When did the planning for this project begin?
3. How will the Town pay for the revitalization and ongoing costs?
4. Can I give a gift over multiple years?
5. Is interim financing available to cover multi-year gifts?
6. What is the Town contributing to this project?
7. Why doesn't the Town just add this as levy on taxes?
8. Who is involved in this project?
9. What is the timeline for the project?
10. How will donations be spent?
11. What are the campaign expenses? How are they paid for?
12. How was the master concept/design developed
13. Where can i get more information on this project?