Biggar & District Health Centre

The Biggar & District Health Centre is located at 501 1st Avenue West. This facility houses the Biggar Union Hospital and a long term care facility.

Biggar Union Hospital
Biggar Union Hospital was built in 1976 and had 32 beds. Currently, the 13-bed facility is operated by the Heartland Health Region. They provide acute care and general hospital services to a large geographical area. Full services in laboratory, x-ray, outpatient, and emergency department services are all provided within the Biggar Union Hospital. Additional services include child/youth counsellor, dietitian, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and psychiatric rehab but are not available every day.Call 306-948-3323 for more information.

Also located in the Biggar Union Hospital is Public Health. Public Health provides the public with communicable disease control and immunization programs. Public Health nurses make house calls after babies are born and provide other various services. There is an addictions counsellor on staff along with an Health Inspection Officer.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Public Health Department at 306-948-3323 Ext. 301 or click here to go to their website.

Long Term Care Facility
The long term care facility was opened in 2015 and provides care for 54 residents. Formerly known as the Diamond Lodge, the long term care facility moved into a new $23 million facility that is attached to the Biggar Union Hospital. The long term care facility offers full nursing care with regular doctors visits. Activities are provided for the residents within the facility and through excursions using a locally owned special van.

For more information, call 306-948-3323 or click here to go to their website.