Park Story

From Dream to Reality

The dream of a playground and a park as a setting for Biggar's new school began in 1998. A committee representing the Board of Trustees, the P.T.A., the teaching staff and senior students began to plan the park while others investigated sources of funding for the project.

Soon after planning began, the idea of a park to celebrate the curling achievements of Sandra Schmirler took root. What started as a school playground project became an important community initiative. The planning committee evolved into a community wide partnership.

Sandra was excited, yet modest, about a park honouring her achievement. Her enthusiasm for the park was a source of inspiration to all those involved.

In 1999, the creation of the park took on added significance when Sandra became seriously ill. On March 2, 2000, just before construction commenced, Sandra passed away leaving unfulfilled her dream of participating in the opening of the park.

The park became a reality because an entire community shared a dream, a dream that was shared by the province and a country as well. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to the many individuals, businesses and organizations who contributed to the building of the park.

The Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park was officially opened on August 6th, 2000, a fitting tribute to Sandra the Athlete and Sandra the Person.

An information book at the Biggar Museum and Gallery, 105-3rd Avenue West, details all donor contributions, the building of the park, and the achievements of Sandra Schmirler.

"Wow!! To have a park named in your honour. When this idea was presented to me I was touched by the thought of kids playing and having fun in a park named after me and acknowledging our teams' accomplishments. My team and myself thank everyone who has been involved in making this dream a reality."
- Sandra Schmirler
Please be sure to visit The Schmirler display located downtown at the Biggar Museum and Gallery.