Water & Sewer

Water Supply

Biggar is supplied with treated water from the Biggar Water Treatment Plant.

Requesting Water Service

The following items are required by the Town prior to turning on the water:

  • Water Meter Deposit of $125.00
  • Civic Address
  • Date you want the water service turned on

Meter deposits may be paid in the following ways:

In person at the office by cheque, cash, or debit/credit.

Water service will not be in place if the above requirements are not met. Water service can only be turned on if someone is at the house. For new homes requiring a meter install, please contact the Town Office for a water and sewer line to be installed.

Water bills are processed and mailed on on the last days of the specific billing period.
Jan 1st - Feb 28th/29th Utility Bill
March 1st to April 30th Utility Bill
May 1st to June 30th Utility Bill
July 1st to August 31st Utility Bill
Sept 1st to October 31st Utility Bill
November 1st - December 31st Utility Bill

The utility bills are due and payable 38 days after the billing date. Water and Sewer cut off notices are then sent and services will be disconnected approximately 10 days from that notice if the account has not been paid. A re-connection fee of $75.00 will be charged in order to get your services turned back on.

A minimum bill for residential services is $120.00 for 4,000 gallons depending on how much water you use. If you use more then 4,000 gallons you will be billed an overage charge of $5.00/1,000 gallons of water. Please use the Quick Links on the right to view the complete Water and Sewer Rate Bylaw, Rate Policy, Waterworks & Water Quality Report and Annual Financials.

Water Fill Station

The Town has a potable water fill station located near the water tower at 301 - 8th Avenue West (on the north end of Town). 

The fee for water fill is:
1 token or $1 for 225 gallons
5 tokens or $5 for 1,000 gallons

Tokens may be purchased at the Town Office, or you may use loonies.